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Modular minigolf course with Astroturf

We offer Scandinavian type minigolf courses made of different number of fairways - from 6 to 32. Usually minigolf course consists of 9, 12 or 18 fairways the length of which is from 5 to 15 metres.
We can also customize fairways according to customer’s request.

Our courses are modular, i.e. one fairway consists of several prefabricated modules that are brought to client's territory and assembled on the spot. Such modular courses are very practical because they are easy to reorder, move from one place to another, disassemble and store in suitable premises during winter season thus extending the durability of fairways.

Only high quality materials are used for the production of fairways – impregnated and dried wood, water-resistant plywood and PVC Astroturf; as a finish aluminum profile is used.

Standard minigolf package includes:
  • Fairways-holes,
  • Putters,
  • Balls,
  • Scorecards,
  • Installation of minigolf course in a territory chosen by a client.
For instance,
  • Standard 9-fairway package includes – 16 putters, 32 balls, 50 scorecards and installation of the course.
  • Standard 12-fairway package includes – 20 putters, 40 balls, 100 scorecards and installation of the course.
  • Standard 18-fairway package includes – 30 putters, 60 balls, 100 scorecards and installation of the course.
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Special offer – minigolf course for kids. New in minigolf market!!!

Minigolf course for kids differs from the standard one in the size of fairways, their complexity and the price. Length of these fairways is from 3 to 4 metres. This course is manufactured from impregnated and dried wood, water-resistant plywood and PVC Astroturf. Fairways are simpler in their form than standard ones so that children could drive the ball into the hole. Also, the price is lower as compared to the standard courses.
Fairways are adapted for children – all sharp angles present in standard fairways are rounded therefore the course is safe for children to play. Such minigolf courses can be installed in kindergartens, childcare centres and children parks as well as in cafes, entertainment parks, etc. This course is practical because it’s manufactured as a one-piece article which can be easily moved or carried to another place.
Minigolf course for kids can be composed of 6, 9, 12 or more fairways. Putters and balls specially designed for children are also included.

Furthermore, this course is perfect for hiring out because fairways are one-piece, therefore easily packed and transported.
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Offer for individual clients – interchangeable modular minigolf fairway

This is a minigolf fairway intended for owners of private houses, cafes, restaurants, hotels and everyone else wishing to have a minigolf fairway that can be transformed without difficulty. The fairway consists of 6 different parts - 4 changeable parts, beginning and the end with a hole. Four parts of the fairway can be interchanged this way obtaining 16 different variants. If more complex modifications are requested one can order additional modules. Length of modules is up to 1,25 m, so they are easy to lift and simple to assemble that allows to quickly change the configuration of the fairway and continue the game.
Standard fairway has the following elements – contraction, hill, labyrinth and 90-degree turn. Two different size putters and two balls are also included. Overall length of the fairway is 6 metres.
Fairways are manufactured using the same materials as in standard fairways – dried, planed and impregnated wood, water-resistant plywood, Astroturf and aluminum profiles for the finish.

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for separate payment

  • Extra fairways;
  • Extra putters and balls;
  • Putter racks;
  • Various obstacles mounted on already made fairways;
  • Individual layout and shaping of fairways;
  • Design and installation of nonstandard fairways;
  • Planning and landscaping of minigolf surroundings;
  • Service and maintenance of minigolf courses;
  • We can add client’s contacts in our website upon request.

Note: we can design and install minigolf course, offer a variety of equipment, change dimensions and configuration of fairways according to individual request of the client.

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