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What is minigolf course intended for?

Minigolf course is intended for companies seeking to offer various additional services and recreation events to their clients, e.g. holiday camps or cafes located in nature with some land. Also, minigolf courses could be perfectly installed in the territory of hotels, motels, near shopping and entertainment centres, i.e. places where people come to have a good time. Minigolf is a good opportunity to increase revenue by offering a new way of spending ones spare time. Having just a few ares of land or premises it is possible to install minigolf course with 9, 12, 18 or more fairways. Having small unused area it is possible to install 2 or more minigolf fairways outdoors or indoors. Private persons can also set up a minigolf course.

Who can play MINI GOLF?

The best thing about minigolf is that individuals of any age and sex, both children and elderly people irrespective of physical preparation, can play. It’s a funny game where one’s accurateness, concentration and practice help to win. One group can be formed of up to 6-8 persons. One minigolf course can accommodate several groups of players at a time; it depends on the number of putting equipment possessed and dimensions of the course.

Why is it worth setting up a minigolf course for Your company?

Minigolf can increase revenue for your business.
Minigolf is a completely new attraction in Lithuania that could attract people willing to spend their time actively in nature and try the new attraction.

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